Nguyen Huu Dai researched Rice Straws and lay the foundation for Ecostraws Vietnam. He was born in Hai Duong province – famous in Vietnam for agricultural products. He spent his childhood at the farm and experienced the hard job to get a bowl of rice, so he devoted himself to studying to help the farmers by creativity and inventing more products from rice.

Idea: A video appeared of a Sea Turtle with a 12 cm-long plastic straw stuck in its nose on a beach in Costa Rica.

He combined technical machine skills, agricultural skills, and the love of creating environmentally friendly products with many months of dedication to produce rice straws. By the end of 2019, he finally discovered the perfect formula to make rice straw and invented the straw machine.

Our products are popular because they are long-lasting, beautiful, water-resistant, extremely eco-friendly, and produce food for animals. 
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Flour crops such as rice, tapioca, and corn have existed in traditional Vietnamese dishes for a long time. We recognize their value and successfully apply the following features:

  • Rice flour is soft, smooth, and easy to blend; when dry, it hardens to make it easier to shape products (such as straws).
  • Tapioca and cornstarch are added to the straw to make it more pliable.
  • Color powder derived from vegetables and fruits is used to highlight color for more visually appealing and vibrant straws.

After mixing all the ingredients, they are shaped and dried under the right conditions.

All components of the straw are 100% natural and ensure the single-use use of the straw. And being completely biodegradable is an absolute advantage for the environment and organisms.


In 2018, this is a completely new product, so it is necessary to study the design of machinery in a new line. But not suitable, has become scrap.

In 2019, the change in the production line was completed, the machinery was not comfortable, and the factory was built here:

In 2020, Get more combinations and investments. The company is building a large factory.

    • With an area of more than 3000 square meters
    • The system of machinery is improved, using a refrigeration dryer and a solar power system.
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